"Over approximately 25 years i have had many problems concerning my back, affecting both my lower back, legs and feet. Attempts have been made to correct these issues by means of acupuncture, physiotherapy, epidurals and traction. Some treatments were marginally helpful. Around 9 months ago i started to attend Danny’s BackandActive Class. Within 2-3 weeks i noticed a marked improvement and my back has got steadily better as each month goes by. I will definitely continue with the classes as i know they are very beneficial to me."

John Dixey

"I have spondylitis and back pain and attend a group exercise class with Danny. The
sessions have been very beneficial, my back feels much better and I can walk and move
without ache and pain. There is a great group who attend on Saturday morning and Danny
is a very patient, knowledgeable and helpful instructor"

Jane Carver

"I've been going to Danny's back care class since its inception. I help my husband in his gardening business so my back takes some punishment. The class has made an enormous difference to my back health by increasing my core strength. I therefore do not need to resort to medication for a bad back!"

Kate Merchant

"I first came across Danny and BackandActive Training back in 2010 when I returned to the gym after an accident that resulted in a badly broken leg requiring several operations to repair the damage. I was also unfortunate enough to develop blood clots in my leg and lungs and was rather apprehensive about returning to the gym, however Danny put me completely at ease during the sessions with him and put together a personalised programme that had me back on my feet and allowed me to return to full duties at work. Danny was continually reassessing and "tweaking" different exercises to further my progress during our one hour sessions.

More recently, I have been undertaking training sessions with Danny to get me to a higher
level of fitness. Again, Danny has come up trumps! I have had both half hour and hour
sessions with Danny and have been shocked at just how much can be achieved in half an

I would certainly recommend personal training sessions with Danny - whatever your personal goal is, rehab/recovery or fitness, Danny sets challenging yet achievable objectives to get you there and you are guaranteed a laugh or two along the way!"

Sam Walton

"I had a back injury which left me with back pain, unable to walk properly or perform
simple everyday tasks. Having always kept fit, I found it difficult to train to the level I was
used to and also gained weight.

I have known Danny since he’s been an Instructor at Club Kingswood and approached him
with my dilemma.

He took me back to basics and introduced me to functional strength training with
emphasis on developing a strong core.

I wasn’t the easiest of students, but Danny gave me the determination and motivation to
pull through……not to mention his sense of humour!

RESULTS: No back pain, better posture, stronger, weight loss and my quality of life back! Thanks Danny."

Sharon Wood

"Due to a severe back problem being unable to stand up straight or exercise for approximately 18 months I had a back reconstruction operation in February 2011. Following the operation I had no physiotherapist at the time as I felt I was progressing well without. Some months later I realised my progress was not as good as it should have been despite regular walking so decided to join a gym.

After my holiday in September 2011 and still not being able to do simple everyday things like walking and going up and down stairs properly I decided book regular sessions with Danny. We started by building and strengthening back and core muscles. Danny then concentrated on exercises to improve flexibility, balance and everyday movements.

The results have improved posture when standing or walking. I can now bend and reach without pain because of much improved flexibility. I am sure without Danny’s knowledge patience and motivation I would not be as happy with how I feel."

Pat Jones

"Since working with Danny on my back for the last 3-4 months I have seen a great improvement. With the stretches he has given me, my back is a lot looser. I could not get out of the chair and straighten my back up immediately before; it used to hurt if I stood for long periods of time and it hindered my running.

Now, I can straighten up a lot easier and my running times have improved. I am competing in a half marathon in a few weeks and have put my name down for the marathon. Both of these events I thought about were out of the question a while ago."

April Clark

"I have been training with Danny for many years now, he has a friendly nature, he always keeps my sessions varied and interesting whilst setting realistic and achievable goals. I always feel better physically and mentally after each session which always keeps me motivated."

John Sussex

"I attend a number of classes at the gym but felt I needed just that little bit more to motivate me to achieve my goals. I started personal training with Danny over a year ago, he has helped me improve my physical fitness and helped me concentrate on the areas I wanted to improve on whilst using his expertise to make it enjoyable.

I have made great progress and I am feeling fitter, stronger and a lot more confident. Personal training will not only change the way you look but how you feel about yourself. Danny is a first class trainer he listens, motivates and inspires everything you you want and need in a personal trainer."

Donna Ford